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Whammychat UG

Striegauer Strasse 30

90473, Nuernberg


Founding Date:

25th June 2019


EXIST-Gruenderstipendium (125,000 EUR)

EXIST is a support programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and co-financed by funds of the European Social Fund (ESF).


Zollhof Betreiber GmbH


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Release date:

July 2019


Striegauer Strasse 30

90473, Nuernberg





Whammychat: discussions made fun!

Go head to head with your mate on a certain topic using Whammychat!
Whammychat is a discussion tool that can be used on live-streaming platfroms like Twitch, Mixer etc.

Someone told you something nasty like that pineapples make pizzas to sweet?

No problemo.

Use a rocket and blast their message into pieces… if the others don’t heal it that is.

We’ve brought your messages to life. Literally!

Pick a character with powers that will change your texting game! Use their powers to attack and defend/heal messages.

Get awesome feedback at the end.

You can discuss a topic of your choice for either 15, 30 or 60 minutes. When time runs out, the best 5 responses to your topic will be displayed.

Story behind the concept:

Kavi went to watch Batman vs. Superman as he arrived in Germany for his studies mid-2016. The movie was well.. not that great, but there was an epic ending-scene where Superman and Doomsday start fighting. Superman starts blowing his lazer eyes at Doomsday in an attempt to blow him into smithereens. At this point, Kavi got a message on a popular instant-messaging app that rattled his nerves. He did not know how to express his anger via messaging and at this point of time he saw Superman shooting his lazer beams. That is when it clicked to him about the possibility of summoning Superman in his conversation to blow his friend’s message into bits and pieces to express himself. This would show his friend that he was frustrated with the message and also would be fun to use. The idea was born out of the boredom of current chat-platforms and the frustration of not being able to express oneself.

The founding:

After the idea was born, Kavi started a team with Federico to make the prototype. After a long journey to finish building the protoype, it was able to convince our designer, Andrej, and front-end developer, Philipp, to join the team.


Whammychat is funded by the EXIST-Gruenderstipendium from 31st October 2018 to 31st October 2019. The total funding amounts to approximately 110,000 EUR. The EXIST-Gruenderstipendium supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and non-university research institutions, who wish to realize their founding idea and translate it into a business plan. The start-up projects should be innovative, technology-oriented or knowledge-based projects with significant unique selling points and good prospects of economic success.


Zollhof is the largest tech-incubator in Nuremberg. It incubates approximately 30 startups. Zollhof takes 5 startups every year into their incubation program. Whammychat successfully competed against startups involved in artificial intelligence and robotics to grab a place in their program. Their incubation program offers startups working space, connection to their network and consultation from employees in the Zollhof team, who specialise in different fields.


Download logo as .zip


Kavi Sen

Marketing and business development

Federico Jr II Lunaria

Advisor on back-end development

Andrej Ilnizkij

Game & UI designer

Oliver Grosch

Lead front-end developer

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